Friday, December 03, 2004

My best friend

My best friend is a beautiful blue eyed gay man.
He's flamboyant and larger than life.
He's intelligent, he's talented and gorgeous. (YES. he admits to having an agent whoring him for TV appearances and modelling jobs)
He's also a talented designer. He's funny, he's the life of the party..... I can't say enough nice things about him.

With all those wonderful things, he also comes with a load of insecurities. He's sensitive and very defensive. He puts up a front.

BUT I can count on him to be honest when everyone won't.
He's not afraid of hurting my feelings when it's good for me. I love him loads.

He rarely lets anyone in.
He's had a really hard week this week. One of his parents has advanced cancer. It's the parent who never came to terms with him being gay.

He keeps smiling, though. Like he did when he and his boyfriend of 3 years split up.
I'll be there for him.