Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back at home after a stint in Melbourne

It's good to be back in Sydney again.
I couldn't take much more of the sterile environment in Melbourne.

All in all, it was a good trip, I managed to run a project team to produce and present a well designed scheme. Our clients seemed pleased with what we came up with.
I worked on this project in the company's Melbourne office and presented our masterplan together with the big boss, who flew in from Sydney the day before.

Hung around for a few days, then I attended a planning conference organised by Malaysians and Australians. Network, network!!!!! The Convention Centre in Melbourne is opposite Crown Casino, Hotel and Entertainment Complex.

Met up with my parents. Dad was in town because he had some business meetings and was also here to hit the fairways with his golf buddies. Mum tagged along for the shopping.... well, of course they were also here to see their daughter. My parents then flew to Sydney to stay for a week. While they were here, they were chauffered around in a limo and stayed in a hotel owned by one of Dad's golf buddies.
The CD catalogue at the back of the limo. Spot the typo?

My parents also shopped around for a 2nd piece of real estate while in Sydney, in addition to their inner city harbour view apartment which I currently live in. Lots of overseas VIP fought over each other to take Dad and his equally important travel companions out to dinner at restaurants ranging from The Establishment to Golden Century every night.
My husband and I were with them every where they went, acting as their property investment experts and as porters (we carried their shopping).

I think their favourite meal was at the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont, though....

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Anwar Ibrahim is free at last

I remember the day they seized Anwar.

I was in Australia at the time, in my final year of university.
All we have here is foreign TV, where they only show images of anarchy and chaos breaking out.
I anxiously called my parents' home in KL, not far from Anwar's residence, because I was genuinely worried for my family.

That was the moment I decided that I would NEVER return to Malaysia again.
The recent events have changed things, given me hope.
Viva democracy!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Global Blog Community

Blogging is new to me, this is my first ever blog.

I've been looking around, checking you bloggers out.
So many interesting people, so many bright, bright sparks on the net.

I went for a blog tour: country by country.
First, Australia and Malaysia......
Then Singapore...
Then Asia....
Then USA....

I want so much to leave a comment or link, to know you.
BUT I'm particularly afraid of the loss of privacy all bloggers seem to have experienced, at one time or another.

I'm worried about opening a can of worms in Malaysia.
Unfortunately, that's where the brightest sparks in the blogging community are.