Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gah we're so cheesy....

Oh Gawd... we did the typical thing that new parents do: we took family photos at a friend's studio- they turned out quite well- I love white backgrounds they're just so CLEAN....

I cropped my face out of one of them and used it as my profile photo.
I now sport a "mommy haircut". :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Next election, I want to make history.

I hope the rest of Malaysia catches the "I hold the power to control the future of my country, my vote matters" disease, too- I hope that BN is actually toppled next election.

I live in Australia, but am registered as a voter- I will put my money where my mouth is and come back home to vote. I'm so inspired by many brave Malaysians- it keeps hopes alive amongst those of us who lost it and left.

Australians voted for change when they voted for Kevin Rudd.
Americans voted for change when they voted for Barack Obama.

Malaysians can do it, too. If Malaysia Boleh anything, then boleh vote.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got Maid?

In my inner world here behind the facade, there's been a paradigm shift since becoming a mom just a few months ago. I still make comparisons of my adopted culture (Australia) and the culture in which I was raised (Malaysia)- but I have been thinking of how modern mums take on the task of raising their kids.

In Malaysia, it's fair to say that the majority of kids are raised by maids or grandparents. I do see amongst Malaysian women, more and more smart young execs giving up their high flying careers to stay at home and raise their kids with the help of a maid. Malaysian kids spend half the day in school (either morning or afternoon session) plus extra curricular activities on certain days. Then the rest is taken up by tuition classes and extra lessons.
I saw a 2 month old baby on Orchard Road, at the time, was similar age to my own baby except that the Singaporean baby was carried in a cloth sling by the maid, with the new mum walking alongside (the new mum still looks about 6 months pregnant) together with an older woman (looks to be the granny) carrying a bag bursting with bottles (can conclude that the new mum was not breastfeeding then). This woman had a maid and a mother at home to help. No wonder she looked fat.

In Australia, the number of children in daycare and those raised at home with their mums (with some days in daycare as well) are about equal. And here, too, being a strong woman also means making a choice and commitment to give up your career and dedicate your time to raising your children. Australian kids spend most of the day in school (starts at 9am to 3pm with sports or extra lessons mostly in school grounds) and weekends are for extra lessons. Most women here have to hit the ground running once the baby is out of the uterus. If there are no grandparents around to help, they're on their own with the husband. Imagine doing all that yourself!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet The Parents time!

My best friend, happily ensconced in Surry Hills with his man, called me up last weekend and announced that they have decided to "make a commitment" together. On Sunday, I ventured out to Crown Street and met up with the happy couple to be about their "commitment ceremony". The venue: Spice I am and then later, Bird Cow Fish

OMG, so I sat through it all as they poured out their plans to me. My best friend is wearing a WHITE SUIT and his man will be wearing regular grooms' attire. Why should he nave to wear a white suit??? Does that mean that he's the woman? the bottom? That just sounds so wrong to me. Why the heck can't he wear a groom's suit as well???? After all, they're both men who want to marry. Trying to imitate a bride is just so wrong in this case.....

But then again- it's his wedding. And I'm just glad to be part of it, so I did a very grown-up thing: I kept my mouth shut.