Thursday, January 31, 2008

still a fag hag?............. HELL YEAH!

I may be knocked up and MBA'd, but I still have my fag-hagness inside somewhere.

(Argh I have to do this post in bullet points again. I went through the past year and a half in bullet points. That is no joke, I kid you not. I actually did everything in bullet points. Now I can't SHAKE THE DISEASE. Oooo. Did I just do an 80's reference again- that's one of Depeche Mode's best songs ever.)

In one episode, he goes on a blind date with another gay male model, Rodrigo de Carli. (Also drop dead gorgeous.) They were set up by a friend who wanted to double date.

On the date, they shared a hotdog.

Damn, this eye candy is just TOO HOT! *Implosion fans herself*
Wooohoo. OMG.

Mardi Gras
is just around the corner, I'll be sporting a baby bump by then. Gay men will just have to look enviously upon THIS image of fertility, which is God's way of telling them "You can't have it all, mate."

  • My best friend, "Will" (as in our "Will & Grace" nicknames, after the TV sitcom) is happily coccooned in coupledom, having moved in with his lover, he hardly has time for his angsty pregnant fag hag friend anymore.... he now has a whole new circle of friends who mainly consist of other happily coccooned gay couples in bloody Surry bloody Hills. Sigh. I miss him and hanging out with this gorgeous male specimen (who also happened to model a bit when he was younger. He mainly modelled in Asia, where they love blue eyes and blond hair. Yep, he got a lot of asian-girlie-love in those days. He was also BIG IN JAPAN. OMG, another 80's anthem by Alphaville. I swear this is NOT intentional.)
  • YAOI. (Short for "Yamete, Oshiriga Itai" or "Stop, my ass hurts") Japanese manga or anime about homosexual relationships...... if you're a fan of idealised images of gay love, then about 80% of this genre will appeal to you. Main characters are typically the manly, stoic, square-jawed "seme" (the "top") and the weepy, slender, doe-eyed "uke" (the "bottom"). Most yaoi fangirls swallow all this shit up.
It's good to note that this is changing and
starting to cater to more "fujoshi" or fag-hags. LOL.
A few examples:

Homosexual relationships are about two MEN who love and desire each other.

Men who could have chosen a woman if they wanted a man just because he resembled a woman..... actually, I nicked that line off one of the mangas on the right.

Right. That's all for now on this variety channel. Tune in again next time!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bye bye nausea!

It's 3 months now and I feel fantastic.....
I can't wait for my tummy to pop out.

They say this can happen as late as 5 months if your abs are *ahem* very firm.
However, they also say that firmer abs run the risk of getting separated down the middle during later stages of pregnancy.

3 month ultrasound tests showed all's well.