Thursday, March 17, 2005

It ain't the size of your axe, it's how you play your riff, baby.

Don't we all love a man with a guitar?

Look at how sexy this looks. How could you not?
OK, so it's John Taylor from Duran Duran.
Axe or no axe, I'll take him any day.

I used to errr.... date a guy (when I was in university) who was soooOOooo good with his fender stratocaster.

He played in a rock band at night and was an engineering student by day.
He was no white boy and he could goreng until the cows came home.
He could play any guitar riff that I asked just to get some. Heh.
"Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns n Roses would work every single time.
(Hey, this was the early 90's. Gimmie a break, OK?)

There's nothing like the sight of a hot looking man and his hot looking guitar playing a er, hot guitar riff.

When I asked him to play any song on U2's Achtung Baby, he said "Pfffthppth... no challenge." Then he proceeded to show me the finger maneuver that The Edge created for U2's sound. Not the guitar god I thought he was.

Phew, damn- is it getting hot in here?
*Implosions fans herself*

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