Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kevin Rudd. The face of the future.

Well, well, well. Call me an optimist. Or call me psychic. *EDIT: I actually predicted it all, and even blogged about it in 2005. It was so long ago I actually forgot about it*

Flashback to the 2004 elections: Kevin Rudd was just the shadow foreign minister, I, just was just a project architect who had just started her MBA in a local university. In a pro-ALP conversation (we are in the construction industry after all) with (let's call him "Macca's"), one of the directors in my firm, I said "Kevin Rudd should really be running for Prime Minister instead of that *#$%@ Mark Latham! Besides standing for a lot of good values, he's a master at the art of strategic marketing...for policies, the ALP and himself, of course" he said "The ALP will win the election as soon as they find the right leader." Macca, being an old timer, then went on and on about the ALP's glory days.

We also agreed that the then-NSW Premier, Bob Carr was also a fantastic candidate, but as fate would have it, he later resigned, presumably before the Cross City Tunnel shit hit the fan. He is a good leader. He might be an evil Macquarie Banker now, but that's because his business skills are unparalelled.

Kevin Rudd's election campaign is an excellent example of Blue Ocean Strategy.
What is Blue Ocean Strategy? In short, it's innovation that involves creates your own markets, all encompassing leadership and ensuring justice for all.
  • He reached out to the younger generation (this demographic values education, environment and healthcare- no surprises to generation x, y and z) and the migrants (the rising demographic that John Howard has alienated) an untapped market for the ALP. And at the same time, he has maintained the union vote and the ALP old-boys' club (you know who you lot are, you chardonnay swilling, Northern Beaches dwelling, yacht sailing bastards) vote.
  • K-Rudd now says things like "mate" and "fair dinkum"..... he never used to do that before hitting the campaign trail. He often refers to being born and bred on a farm, this subtle (or not) change in language is a symbolic way of reaching out to outback Australia.
  • In the pre election debate, he kept his cool and stuck to the facts. He was the first one to walk over to John Howard to shake his hand. A very dignified thing to do. Or maybe he knew the cameras were still rolling, as K-Rudd is VERY media savvy. The media is great tool to manipulate perceptions. Joe Hockey and K-Rudd had been regulars on Channel Seven's Sunrise programme, they've even recorded an MTV style spoof.

Anyway, small little disclaimer here: I'm Asian Australian and that's part of my mental model.

K-Rudd is a former diplomat, speaks mandarin, markets himself in Asia very well and his daughter married has an Asian Australian man.
Bob Carr's wife Helena is Malaysian.
It's great to write again. It's a welcome break from being knocked up. LOL

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