Thursday, January 31, 2008

still a fag hag?............. HELL YEAH!

I may be knocked up and MBA'd, but I still have my fag-hagness inside somewhere.

(Argh I have to do this post in bullet points again. I went through the past year and a half in bullet points. That is no joke, I kid you not. I actually did everything in bullet points. Now I can't SHAKE THE DISEASE. Oooo. Did I just do an 80's reference again- that's one of Depeche Mode's best songs ever.)

In one episode, he goes on a blind date with another gay male model, Rodrigo de Carli. (Also drop dead gorgeous.) They were set up by a friend who wanted to double date.

On the date, they shared a hotdog.

Damn, this eye candy is just TOO HOT! *Implosion fans herself*
Wooohoo. OMG.

Mardi Gras
is just around the corner, I'll be sporting a baby bump by then. Gay men will just have to look enviously upon THIS image of fertility, which is God's way of telling them "You can't have it all, mate."

  • My best friend, "Will" (as in our "Will & Grace" nicknames, after the TV sitcom) is happily coccooned in coupledom, having moved in with his lover, he hardly has time for his angsty pregnant fag hag friend anymore.... he now has a whole new circle of friends who mainly consist of other happily coccooned gay couples in bloody Surry bloody Hills. Sigh. I miss him and hanging out with this gorgeous male specimen (who also happened to model a bit when he was younger. He mainly modelled in Asia, where they love blue eyes and blond hair. Yep, he got a lot of asian-girlie-love in those days. He was also BIG IN JAPAN. OMG, another 80's anthem by Alphaville. I swear this is NOT intentional.)
  • YAOI. (Short for "Yamete, Oshiriga Itai" or "Stop, my ass hurts") Japanese manga or anime about homosexual relationships...... if you're a fan of idealised images of gay love, then about 80% of this genre will appeal to you. Main characters are typically the manly, stoic, square-jawed "seme" (the "top") and the weepy, slender, doe-eyed "uke" (the "bottom"). Most yaoi fangirls swallow all this shit up.
It's good to note that this is changing and
starting to cater to more "fujoshi" or fag-hags. LOL.
A few examples:

Homosexual relationships are about two MEN who love and desire each other.

Men who could have chosen a woman if they wanted a man just because he resembled a woman..... actually, I nicked that line off one of the mangas on the right.

Right. That's all for now on this variety channel. Tune in again next time!

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