Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet The Parents time!

My best friend, happily ensconced in Surry Hills with his man, called me up last weekend and announced that they have decided to "make a commitment" together. On Sunday, I ventured out to Crown Street and met up with the happy couple to be about their "commitment ceremony". The venue: Spice I am and then later, Bird Cow Fish

OMG, so I sat through it all as they poured out their plans to me. My best friend is wearing a WHITE SUIT and his man will be wearing regular grooms' attire. Why should he nave to wear a white suit??? Does that mean that he's the woman? the bottom? That just sounds so wrong to me. Why the heck can't he wear a groom's suit as well???? After all, they're both men who want to marry. Trying to imitate a bride is just so wrong in this case.....

But then again- it's his wedding. And I'm just glad to be part of it, so I did a very grown-up thing: I kept my mouth shut.


the immigayrant said...


I also often imagined how my gay wedding would be like. I mean, both grooms wearing identical black tuxedos is just too... plain and monotonous. Don't you think so?

BTW. Your writing makes me think you are like a gay man trapped in a woman's body. HAHahhahaha!

Congrats to your bf! ^_^

Implosion said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

BTW. I visited your blog and I think you're a woman trapped in a male body. :) I LOVE the Lady Gaga get up.

And their wedding was just wonderful, it didn't matter what they wore in the end. So much love for them from their friends and family. *sniff*