Saturday, June 05, 2010

Culinary forays in the last month other than previous post.

Made beef rib stew in a slow cooker. It was in there for 24 hours.
Added Cabernet Sauvignon to it in the last 2 hours- BIG mistake. Epic fail.

Friends stayed on for dinner- This is your usual asian meal with a few shared dishes served with rice. The ingredients were lying around in the fridge and pantry.
Clockwise from top left: Wagyu beef teriyaki, stir fried veggies (broccoli, tomatoes & mushroom), salad (pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, spanish onion, avocado and baby cos lettuce), Okonomiyaki (shredded cabbage omelette).

Laksa!!!!!! Last night's dinner, I tried making my own version of a healthy laksa. Used laksa paste for Singaporean curry laksa but tried to recreate east Malaysian style garnishing. I used boiled chicken, calamari rings, bean sprouts, coriander leaves, rice vermicelli, a soft boiled egg and loads of lime.

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