Sunday, June 12, 2011

Death of a friend

Have you ever searched for a long lost friend on Facebook? On Google?
A friend who may have been an important part of your life during a phase?

I have. I last spoke to him in 2004(?) he had just changed companies, and was very happy in his new position. I looked for him on Facebook for the past few years and couldn't find him. I called his former office when I was in KL last, I heard he had left the company.

More Google searches later, I find out that he died in an automobile accident in 2006. I find a few memorials posted by people who knew him. I zoom into the photos: yep, that's him. He is smiling and surrounded by friends, exuberant and smiling, like my memory of him.

Did I know him well? Yes, I'd say I did. I've known him since I was a student intern. For 2 years, he would have been one of a handful of people who knew me best. He was a colleague and friend of the older man I used to date when I was in my 20's. I used to make teary late night phone calls to him (that would last for hours) whenever the older man and I broke up. And he would cheer me up and tell me off. I took it for granted and never told him how grateful I was for his advice and his humour.

I am in some shock. Taken from us too soon, I pray he did not suffer too much.
You touched many people's lives while you were still alive. I hope it's still not too late to thank you. Best wishes to you on the other side from an old friend.

In the hands of God, may you rest in peace.

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