Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Confessions of an ex CBNer

I spent 5 years in CBN.

Hey, that was one super competitive school environment, where girls like us would be dropped off and picked up by our daddies' chauffeured Mercs. We had to be in the top classes, either B or U... maybe even K or T, otherwise we didn't count. We had to either excel in a sport, be a totally hot cheerleader in one of the four sport houses (Go Pauline! Go the Blues!!) or be in a cool club like Interact. I like to think it groomed me for my socialite phase.
During business trips to other asian capitals, I like to spend my spare weekends in KL.
I see these same girls around Bangsar- I meet up with some of them over coffee sometimes. Most of them turned into lawyers (one is a doctor) who practice in KL and they all married well.

I went through the mandatory pet sister phase. What's a pet sister, you ask? This very astute blogger writes about it here. I often wonder what I would have become if I never grew out of that phase? I really fancied the Form 5 and 6 girls at the time. Way before I had my first SJI and VI boyfriend.

I've kissed a woman (ladies, don't we all go through this at least once in our wild years?) but I don't think the idea of falling in love with a woman is out of the question.
Ah well. I'm crapping on quite a bit here.
Don't we all have our moments of ambiguous sexuality?

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Chris said...

heheheheh I only have kiss a girl only once in my life. LOL. So the feeling is very mutual. Funny how life works sometimes.