Thursday, May 05, 2005

Back at work and dinner/breakfast in Balmain/Cabramatta with friends

Here I am again. Back to the routine of putting thoughts into words/images.
Shuttling to and from the office, home and grad school in the last few days. Not in that order. Again, I feel that I've taken on too much but I'm determined to get through it. I haven't got to where I am by being easily fazed by obstacles.

Use it before you lose it.

Right then, down to business:
Comfort food differs in definition for everyone.
What gets you nostalgic and comfortable?

A combination of a good bottle of vino, some seafood and conversation with good friends at Balmain. Balmain is to Sydney what Notting Hill is to London. Know what I mean?

My meal. These are not giant prawns, they're actually called Balmain bugs. They're a combination between a lobster and a prawn. I could not finish this, but managed to finish the damn bugs. I love eating them bugs. I love it more than I love saying "I eat bugs".

Another meal was on a jaunt to Cabramatta with my two favourite gay white men (if looks could kill I'd be dead by now. Why? Read on....). Cabramatta is in the outskirts of Sydney and well known for its 80% Vietnamese population and also for its violent gang wars.
And when in Rome....... we had Pho of course.

No woman should leave her pho unattended. Shame on me.

No fighting over the chilli when I'm out with this lot.
More for me! Yay!


Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

waaaaah... makes me wanna go to OZ. reminds me of lobster noodle in london.

implosion said...

Heh. We definitely know our seafood here in Oz. BUT in the UK, you'll know your curry!

-[Uh-miR]- said...

Its not what youre doing thats important, but who youre doing it with..

implosion said...

That old chestnut again! :)

Anonymous said...

I had the hottest red chilli in Melbourne, hotter than cili padi in Malaysia & Mexican Jalepenos.

Jean Baudrilliard mentioned to me after writing Simulations, he has this awful unusual feeling of wanting to implode and explode at the same time. So I said to him, why not try out these red chillies, perhaps it will help.