Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Miss Universe

Watched the delayed telecast on Channel 7 with my husband just now.

As soon as the 15 semi finalists were announced, I named my favourites to my husband who went hmmmph at each one of my favourites.

1. Miss Norway. Half Thai. Not really what you would call beautiful but what can I say- it's asian pride. She was graceful, friendly and confident.

2. Miss Indonesia. So classically beautiful, what amazing bone structure! She had a very classy "you can't touch me" kind of look. She looks like she could be an international model (think Paris), not just those B-grade models who only manage to make it in their own country.

3. Miss Latvia. STUNNING. What a barbie doll. Unbelieveably Claudia Schiffer-esque.

And Miss Malaysia.......geeez I have no words.
WHY do we keep picking these types of girls?
The chick needs to get her pale ass outdoors and get herself a healthy tan.
She also needs to stop jumping onto the straightened-hair bandwagon.

OK, my gripe about Miss Malaysia isn't just purely skin deep.
I'm sure she's probably a very smart girl, but it didn't really shine through.
Very very ordinary.

And Miss China looked like she belonged in a karaoke bar as one of those "Guest Relations Officers".......

We've had much better looking girls as Miss Malaysia.
Andrea Veronica Fonseka (2004) was a hot babe. She really copped a lot of shit from Malaysians who claimed she was fat. OK, she was a bit bigger than your average Miss Malaysia, but damn, she is SEXY.
And 5'11.
And she was interesting, athletic and had a lot of personality.

Imagine if the insipid-looking girl to her RIGHT had won instead!

A few of our ex Miss Malaysia's in this pic below.

Elaine Daly, Wong Sze Zen, Jamie Gooi, Tan Su Wei & Lina Teoh.

Lina Teoh is smart, articulate AND beautiful. You can see her confidence and maturity.
Tan Su Wei is quite quirky and interesting... and you can SEE her personality.
Elaine Daly is also outgoing and smart. Lots of sass in this chick!
I have no idea who Jamie Gooi is but she looks alright, too.
Wong Sze Zen. Someone tell me WTF she is doing in the same frame as the rest of these women?

If the winners in 2005 and 2004 are anything to go by, I'd say tanned, athletic women with healthy bodies is the new beauty ideal. Real girls. An asian version?
Miss Singapore 2005, Cheryl Tay?

Miss Japan 2005, Yukari Kuzuya? All 6ft (with no heels!) of her?

She's got personality plus-plus too, I reckon.
Check out her outfit for the evening gown! Coolness.

Say NO procelain princesses or barbie dolls!!!!

OK. Better stop the pic posting frenzy. Beginning to look like a bloke's page.


Kimberlycun said...

i think whats lacking in malaysian participants is elegance. i gasp in horror whenever i watch their interview videos, they talk like prepubescent energizer bunnies (except maybe for suwei). they have got to learn a thing or two from Miss Indias. nice blog!

implosion said...

Yup. That's a good observation.
I don't think I could contain my laughter if I ever sat through one of those energiser bunny pageants!

Alexa said...

I saw who won online and it kind of ruined it for me.

implosion said...

Girl, I know what you mean.
Damn those Yahoo news headlines..... watching Miss Universe just made me feel guilty that I hadn't gone to the gym the whole week.

Going twice a week now since the pageant. :P It'll drop off back to once week again reaaaal soon. Winter here in Australia, yknow.

Chris said...

gawd. Why is miss malaysia always been that disappointing. >.< We need an overseas to represent. LOL

Audrey said...

i agree with you that Andrea rocks! Jamie Gooi? Was just surfing around on a lazy friday when I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

i know this is an old blog, but why oh why does Andrea Fonseka keep popping up online inspite of being SO last year?
Thanks to blogger of the year, Kenny Sia on kennysia.com, with his latest post on Andrea. He was one of the biggest bigots when it came to her winning last year, and look what he has to say now..
ps. yes you can tell, i've been an Andrea Supporter when she won. it was about time, i thought, that something real represented malaysia.

Taro Akasaka said...

Thought it was a bloke's page what with all the hot babe pics!