Monday, March 10, 2008

A New Malaysia for New Malaysians.

Will the current goverment will choose to do one of the following?
  • Take a leaf out of good old Dr. M's old-school book: starve those opposition states. To the opposition leaders who won, dangle enough money in front of them so that they'll switch. (Opposition state Sabah's top Ministers arrested in the late 80's.) Discredit them, foil their plans above all- who cares about the rakyat who voted for them, right?
  • Take responsibility and take steps to regain the trust and votes from the Chinese and Indian community. Let's be honest, this is the big fat reason why there was such a blow. What Chinese and Indian voters want today is very different from 10 years ago. Ways to reach voters are different. Even the little worm, Khairy, has a website.
Dr. M now calls for Pak Lah to step down, says he should have chosen Najib instead. So, a potential PM and first lady who are collaborators,"on the take" and who has never apologised for threatening to "bathe the keris in Chinese blood" (in 1987) is a better option?
Ummm, I have a better idea: why don't we all go back to hunting animals and living in caves?

The old guy's son, who is now an MP (and who knows- in the running for being the future PM one day) also calls for Pak Lah to resign. That's a sure-fire way to get the little worm, Khairy out of the equation in UMNO.

Dr. M's daughter, Marina Mahathir is someone whose voice is respected by many of the new Malaysians who want a new Malaysia. I've followed her writings from the newspapers when she had just returned to Malaysia. She is in a difficult situation- family or personal beliefs? She has done her best and she has my respect. I've chosen to remain overseas and write under a pseudonym.

I saw Dr. M's Malaysia as a sinking ship that I had to abandon.

I left because I lost hope in having the life that I wanted to live in Malaysia. I wanted to live in a place where my kids can play safely and where I can have peace of mind. I wanted a place that would recognize and reward people who worked hard.

I never thought that I would live to see election results like this. I'm excited for all the possibilities that may happen in Malaysia. There is so much work to do.

Pak Lah, to his credit, has done a decent job of cleaning out the old-school corrupted cronies of Dr.M.
The best thing he will do as PM is to handle the changes that Malaysia is currently undergoing. History (NOT propaganda) will look upon him with more kindness and respect than the old guy.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think Badawi isn't part of this corruption? Every government is corrupted. Everyone should focus on what they government could or done for the country. Instead of voting for "a party who is not corrupted", they should vote for a party who could do a good job in building Malaysia. I am not saying who is best but i hope we don't turn from an "Open" country to a "very closed" one.

implosion said...

What I'm saying is, we should PICK THE LESSER OF BOTH EVILS....

Question: When was Malaysia ever an "open" country?

Anonymous said...

We were never entirely fully "open" to begin with. But at least we didn't have very extreme "closeness".

Ms J said...

your writings have been missed...looknig forward to some updates.

warm wishes from colorado