Friday, August 08, 2008

Growing pains of two varieties.

I've been visiting many a Malaysian political blog these days.
It's wonderful to see the fire in the eyes of these intelligent Malaysians- especially in those people who will one day rule the country. There is something to be said about leaders like Anwar Ibrahim, who endured incarceration, yet maintained his dignity, especially when facing international press. And Lim Guan Eng- who also faced his darkest moments when his wife and child visited him in jail, according to an interview with TV Smith.

I wonder how the present leaders would fare like under adversity? Who do you think looks like a spoilt, cushy, dough-boy type who would crumble into a snivelling mess? If anyone wants to avoid having this as your next leader, then you know where to put your vote.

Are there any Nelson Mandela's in our present leadership line-up?

To me, Malaysia is about ideals. About the usual vision, mission and values. And I think Malaysia has always been great at long-term strategies. NEP, OPP etc. you name it, they've got it. But every strategy needs to be reformulated as the needs of the stakeholders change. The people DO speak- you can hear them. Since that has been ignored, it's become only strategy for strategy's sake.

And unfortunately, the BN (I'm not about to blame one lone scapegoat for the sins of the entire political system- but some leaders are more to blame than others- Especially those who have had many years, yet little regrets- touche?) culls its bright young leaders for strategic fit and leaves those who specialize in ass-kissing politics. Sorry but true- you know it is.


Most newborn Malaysian babies get to have a shaved head. That's the adat in those neck of the woods. I admit I didn't do it because I er, just plain forgot. :P
The two grandmothers who are here have decided that it's not too late.
My home has turned into a cultural battleground.

So, both my mother (pro-shave camp) and mother in law (anti-shave camp) took hold of my little girl and had a discussion over tea:

MyMum: There's a reason why people have been doing it for generations......
M-I-L: These days, most people skip the tradition. There's no reason to do it lah!
MyMum: If you shave, the hair will grow back thicker.
M-I-L: No lah! How can the amount of hair just increase by making it shorter.
MyMum: The actual hair itself will be thicker because shorter hair takes less nourishment.
M-I-L: So, more nourishment will be received by each hair, is it?
MyMum: Ya, so each strand of hair will be thicker.
M-I-L: Ooooo, like that....

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