Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pak Lah, RPK, the old guy and the neanderthal

Oh man. There is not one ounce of hope or confidence left in our PM, huh?
He hasn't got it easy. We knew whoever took over after him was going to be a scapegoat no matter what.

Yes- he's weak.
As a leader, he has let his DPM run wild in Dr M's garden of dirty sordid fairy-tale scandals. And he can't just turn to Najib the Neanderthal and say "You're fired." because he needs to keep this alliance alive if he's going to have any support from the UMNO ass-embly.
That's disappointing from someone whom I can say is actually a good person.

At least he won't be hated. I just headed over to the old guy's blog. It's inching closer to 5 million hits (not that he needs to make any money out of it, after 30 years of screwing with our minds)- I read the comments section because I want to know who reads the drivel that is his opinion.
The seemingly educated comments were largely: "Wake up to yourself."
The seemingly uneducated comments were largely: blah "tokoh negara" blah blah "hidup Dr M"
And those that sounded educated but pro-Dr M were probably ingratiated/ related to him. Touche?
The old guy is actually a good human being, too, if I do say so myself. But he's stuck in a mental model that's outdated. And he's old. And stubborn.

I also headed over and saw what RPK's mission was: he's taking Najib down with him. Really? Promise? Pinky-swear?

That would be a service to the beautiful, prosperous land bursting with potential that once was Malaysia, now known as the laughing stock that is Bolehland.

No one wants to do the dirty work of taking the trash out, not even the PM.

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