Thursday, October 30, 2008

1 week in Singapore and one sad bitch.

Our wee little family took a break from life in Sydney to head for Singapore for a week. My husband was more than happy to take time off, because things are kinda quiet in the world of investment banking at the moment. We returned to crazy weather in the last few weeks. There was a hailstorm waiting for us when we got back, with snow falling just outside Sydney. This is late October, y'all! I've never seen this after nearly 2 decades in Australia.
We stayed at Orchard Road, we were able to spend some alone time shopping because we had a nanny come along with us for the trip.

This is my first time back since my time at INSEAD. It was a little bittersweet, seeing the place I spent as a virtual hermit, pursuing knowledge and higher learning- whilst forgetting all and everyone else in my life. (YES! I kid you not, I went weeks and weeks without waxing!!!)

Pics: Most of Orchard Road under renovation and runway rehearsal at Paragon, Orchard Road

Pics: View from the Qantas lounge at Sydney Airport and its interior.

Look at me now. A full time wife and mother with an unused MBA. I don't feel this burning need to go into the workforce just so that I can have a career. I feel secure enough about my intellect, my ability, my experience and my value.

I spoke to a woman, "L", who is married to one of my husband's relatives (whom I also know because he is an Interior Designer) recently. "L" was a successful photographer before she turned to IVF to get pregnant. She is in her 40's, her son is now 5. She is now back in the workforce but as a marketing consultant for a tile company. In her words "Thank God I am working, I would go crazy babysitting all day." WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN? It's not "babysitting" when it's your own kids, you sad bitch! So I told her exactly that- minus the sad bitch part. A "marketing executive"- I know what you are exactly, "L", because I used to be those architects that you salesgirls in mini skirts go to so that you can sell tiles/toilets/carpets/or/whatever/the/fuck/it/is/you/need/to/get/your/sales/quota to. But I think she knows what I think of her. Similarly, lots of other asian friends/older women think like this too.

I'd like to know what other SAHM have to say about women who want to be out in the workforce just so that they can be at work (it's not because of the money, and it doesn't matter what work they do, they just want to be at work) because being a SAHM is boring and brainless work.

How much is your so-called "career" worth, you sad bitches? Are any of you actually earning enough to justify the time away from your kids? Are any of you actually in managerial positions?

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