Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interpret my dream? Please?

Hello. Its been a while since an angsty post.

I woke up this morning from a disturbing ex-boyfriend dream thanks to Facebook.
Facebook is a funny little old social networking phenomenon that we could do without. But we won't for some deep, dark, ugly reason. (Not something I find as practical as Twitter.)

The facebook facts: I know that this ex, a baby faced older man (no, not the divorced one) is now quite a success. His businesses are now set up in a few countries- two in Southeast Asia and one here in Australia. Thanks to curiousity and the internet, I read a few articles written about him. Looks like he moved here in the last few years and set up an office here and has a good project pipeline.

Why does he have to come here? AND WHY did I have to dream that I met up with him again? And where was my husband and baby in that dream?


Gabriel said...

troubled, just like me. maybe it'll all be better tomorrow.

Bengbeng said...

maybe it is time to re-examine your own feelings?

Implosion said...

Gabe: It didn't get better the next day but it did in the next few weeks..... jealous that I didn't go to Singapore and raid Muji like you! Hey. FB find: I think I know someone you know from INSEAD.

Benbeng: I had a long hard look at myself in the last week or two. Twas not a pretty sight.