Friday, June 05, 2009

An anonymous email

I received yet another anonymous suggestion as to what my identity is.
I have had a few emails like this one in the last few years I've had this bloggie.

But this one suggestion was something I took some offence to.

"Anonymous" suggested I was a daughter of a politician from the "old guard" who fell from glory in a very spectacular way. Now, I actually know the daughters and sons (use the term loosely because there has been an adoption here and there). And this particular daughter that I purportedly am, is exceptionally talented, smart AND she is a great writer. She is also a pretty little thang for her age. She is still single, too.

So why do I take offence?

Maybe it's her useless siblings close to their 40's who still live at home, leech and sponge off whatever's left of their old man's fortune. Maybe it's all the wealth they enjoy in, courtesy of their old man's illegally acquired millions and corrupted ways, so as a result, NONE of them are "exceptional earners" (as Britney Spears put it so well in "Piece of Me", haha).

Well. That's why I take offence: I chose to live here, NOT in Malaysia where I can gain so much from using my Dad's name. I make my own legit money.

And I (ahem) married into money.
*runs off*


Girl Japan said...

Good for you girl, at first I thought you were talking about my ex-husband what a loser.... making out own way.. sometimes with help makes a better, happier, successful US!!

I admire you, thank you for your kind sentiments on Maddie, your words meant so much to me = )

Girl Japan said...

opps meant make "our" own way.. not make out... DERR... I need to go to sleep now.

Implosion said...

You're too sweet hon.
Heading over to your blog now to see how honey chan is doing.