Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food: details and Kano's Customer satisfaction model

Been going out for meals quite a fair bit lately. I found myself unable to resist grabbing my camera and taking a picture of a dish that I want to remember.
Sometimes I think asian people in Sydney like certain asian restaraunts here only because they WANT to like it, not because it's actually good.

Presenting the Kano customer satisfaction model:

source: http://www.gembapantarei.com/2007/07/top_10_improvement_tools_named_after_lean_sensei.html

A great tool for quantifying customer needs.
Like a good little consultant, I did a mini survey and used the Kano model to plot out what I thought were order winners that keeps customers like me going back to the same places and ordering the same items.

At a Chinatown eatery that is a Singaporean and Malaysian institution: The trio of sauces that go with hainanese chicken rice.
Detail: These three MUST be together.

At a Thai family dinner: Crab and glass noodle salad.
Detail: Parts of crab flesh are pierced with spring onion leaves. (don't ask how they did this. If you knew you'd spit it out....)

A popular Japanese haunt in the north shore: Sashimi.
Detail: Good, heavy rustic earthen crockery. (So good that it chips off in dishwashers. Ooops)

At a famous Malaysian eatery on the outskirts of Sydney: Nasi Lemak (steamed coconut rice with side dishes of deep fried peanuts and anchovies, boiled egg, sambal and rendang/curry.
Detail: Curry leaves deep fried together with peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies).

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