Friday, September 25, 2009

Men to marry vs. Men to have sex with (Part 1)

Man to marry: Actor Simon Baker from TV's "The Mentalist" and "The Guardian".... bankable husband and father material.

- Australian actor based in the US, down to earth and low-key father of 3, married to the same woman forever.
- Rugged bloke- doesn't take himself too seriously and does not buy any of that hollywood crap.
- Looks like a REAL man, not a pretty boy. Looks like he belongs in a Ralph Lauren ad.

Man to have sex with: Actor Jude Law. Strictly NOT marriage material. Great for an affair, though.

- Not a great track record, really. Cheated on his then-wife Sadie Frost, then cheated on then-girlfriend Sienna Miller with his (3 kids!) children's nanny and now fathering a child with a woman he's not in a relationship with. A bit of a cad.
- Beautiful and artistic- yep, the kind of guy who takes his art seriously and all that.
- Look at how intense and smouldering he looks. He looks like he's be right at home in a D&G ad.

And there we have it- two very similar men, very different er, functions.
Which man would you choose?
Can you suggest another pair of MTM vs MTF?


Bengbeng said...

i would say marriage is for keeps. a woman should choose wisely. would u wake up forty yrs later and feel comfortable with the person sleeping next to you

Implosion said...

BB, I respect that your views come from your christian beliefs. Marriage should always be for keeps. BUT we are human and we inevitably make mistakes. And when we do, thank God there's divorce so that you don't have to remain in an unhappy marriage.