Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Those @#%$#! "Things I Want to Achieve" lists

Saw this on the blog of some [rich ex politician's kid who's pushing 40 yet still lives at home because he/she has fluff for career] self indulgent drama queen's blog:

"Things I Want to Achieve" and then obviously crosses out what's been achieved.

HILARIOUS. SO FUNNY. It proudly sits on that person's sidebar like a joke.
If I wanted to look like an achiever of any sort, my list would look like this

1. Wake up in the morning. (DONE)
2. Clip my toenails (DONE)
3. Have a coffee (DONE)
4. Brush my teeth (DONE)
5. Empty dishwasher
6. Pick up drycleaning (DONE)
7. Check my mail
8. Switch on the TV
9. Call my travel agent
10. Spend 10 days in Chiva-Som.

Wah soooo hard lahhh. Such a high mountain to climb lahhhh
And look how faaaar I've climbed!
*pats self on the back*


Bengbeng said...

i have done all except 5,6, 9 and 10. just goes to show how much more fortunate you are from me although it is debatable :)

Implosion said...

Bengbeng- that's kinda what I mean. "Achievements" are all relative. You can make it seem like you have climbed a mountain if you wanted to.