Monday, June 21, 2010

Life and Death

To every person who has lived through watching someone die slowly before their eyes.

Nobody knows what comes after death.
Religions of mankind tell us of paradise, of rebirth, purgatory and of eternal damnation.

And perhaps it is the promise of a place. ANY place at all after death- the comfort in knowing that you'll still continue to exist at another level of consciousness. That you are not totally gone.

Different cultures treat death differently. Some funerals in Eastern religions are ceremonious- almost festive, heavily ritualized and symbolic. Some western funerals are subtle, quiet reflections on a life that once was. I've had the opportunity to experience both.
Some people say that funerals aren't really for the dead person- they are for the living that were left behind. The deceased do go to the place they were meant to go- on a journey, a life that takes place on the other side. The people who are left behind are the ones who need catharsis, healing and closure.

If psychic mediums are to be believed, a different type of life exists and learning does continue on the other side. Higher learning.


Bengbeng said...

I spent some time reading this post. U just barely touched the surface. I imagine this would make a very interesting post if u had dwelled more on it.

Implosion said...

Thanks for the comment, BB.
I did actually write more about "higher learning".
But- the usual thing that holds me back from publishing anything that gets too personal.
I will continue to guard my privacy as my family is still in Malaysia. And they don't need any bad press.