Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tangy lime and pepper

I think I'm in love with these. It tastes like Thai green papaya salad with peppery zing.
I love it. I'm stocking up on these next time I drop by Woolworths.

They go really really well with a Lowenbrau.

OK. End of epicurean odyssey.


jikon said...! i tried their "sweet chili and sour cream" and me no like it. it's not the flavouring, it's the chips. they're hard. i don't like the texture. still prefer what they call "thins" here ("crisps" in the UK).

implosion said...

Yeah those chips are rock hard. It's got grunt in it.... made for people who scratch themselves in public! Heh.

And ooo, don't get me started on sweet chilli and sour cream. It's beyond me WHY Australians love that combination!
Some pseudo-asian "sweet chilli" sauces over here are just chilli flavoured syrup.

Anonymous said...

Very delicious! Yummy! Too bad they don't have these in Malaysia.