Thursday, July 02, 2009

Facebook-induced syndrome.

There should be a name given to all these new social situations that we're put in just because we have Facebook now. A sign of the postmodern world we live in, eh?
Ghosts of the past come out to haunt us. And every one of us has a past we'd rather forget.

Curiousity got the better of me tonight when the wanker-banker husband is working late and I'm working on a few bits and bobs (I've mentioned a start-up on my Twitter, but will blog about it when things become more concrete).

I was the one who went around the internet to dig up what I now realize I wish I didn't know.
Out of a smug feeling, I wanted to feel that I was better off than him, seeing as I have all that I have in my life now. I wanted to find out that he was still unhappily single, old, fat, ugly, poor or better yet, dead. But he looks happy. He's looks like he's got all that he never had when he was a workaholic who spent too much time living it up in Bangsar.

It is now in this moment of weakness that I'll say it's lonely behind this facade.

My life. My choices. Deal with it.


BabYpose said...

Hi Facade treatments,

I saw your callsign at yoga instructor diary. and learnt that you had a baby. i'd like to have a baby after too much practising ashtanga:)

Implosion said...

Hi BabYpose
Yep, I had a baby girl more than half a year ago. Best thing that ever happened to me.
Hope you get to hold your baby in your arms soon.