Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elizabeth Wong.

Elizabeth Wong, the state assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan, is a brilliant ray of sunshine in Malaysian politics. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of public service in a politician than this woman.

She is also a woman brought down by Malaysian politics.
Semi-nude photos of her sleeping on her sofa at home and at an angle showing her er, privates, all taken without her knowledge, have been leaked and circulated on the internet by an unknown person.

The alleged person is thought to be her ex- boyfriend Hilmi Malek. The photos wouldn't bat an eyelid in any western country- but this is Malaysia, a moderate muslim country. The police are after him- he's hiding in Indonesia.

But if you see THIS guy, feel free to knee him in the nuts.

She is only human. A woman just like me and you. A saint compared to many of the UMNO powers that be.
I hope women in Malaysia mark this episode down in their memories. Remember this next time you enter a ballot booth and cast your vote.

I ask you Malaysians, how can you continue to have hope that things will change without a revolution? How can you not submit your application to migrate to Australia/ New Zealand/ Singapore/ U.K./ U.S.?


Anonymous said...

As a Malay I don't care about his nude photo as it was taken without her knowledge.
As a Malay I am disgusted with her Malay boyfriend if it is true he did it.
As a voter I am sad if she has to leave politics.
As a voter I insist that she hold on to her constituency and don't quit.
As a Malay male I plea to all women Politicians and NGOs to send a strong message that this gutter politic must be stopped as it discriminate women right and privacy.
Despicable who ever the culprits are and wonder what kind of people we have in this nation. Sicko...!!!

Implosion said...

Dear Malay Male,

That's great. Do something. How about voting against the BN machine and get proactive in convincing others to so the same?

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Here is my knee kicking him in the nuts... = )