Sunday, February 08, 2009

When we were young, we grew up in a different Malaysia than the one we know today.......

source: Ebay
70's postcard of Taman Tunku Abd Rahman with Stadium Negara in background.

In a different time and dimension:

We were less aware of our racial differences in school and kids were allowed to the freedom to explore and play in their surroundings without fear of being kidnapped or worse... as adolescent girls, we wore whatever we wanted without fear that we were "asking for it". We were allowed to be kids. Now, as I return to visit my parents in their home in the hilly suburb of KL, it deeply saddens me that complicated security systems and personnel is a necessity.

As a nation, it seems to me that Malaysians have lost innocence and idealism somewhere along the way. No one wants to fight to live their life in freedom because it is such a struggle. And everyone just tries to get by and take care of themselves and their family instead. If you were offered money that would help send your kids to good schools, buy a nice house and car in the suburbs versus a lifetime of struggle and hardship for your family due to your political convictions, which would you choose? And there you have the reason for the Perak state government coup d'etat.

Before I blog any further:

Whinge: Verb: To whinge

A British/Australian/New Zealand (possibly South African and other commonwealth) English word which describes incessant complaining.

Example: “If you want to get anything done in this country you've gotta whinge till you're blue in the face!”


Isn't it easier to blog about the injustice of it all secretly/out in the open (depending on who cares)? You'd be able to vent your spleen without suffering the consequences, wouldn't you?

source: Sydney Morning Herald (

If you don't do enough get arrested or questioned or contacted by police, you'd still be venting. Nothing wrong with that particular national pastime. Malaysians do so LOOOOVE to spend their time whining and whinging to each other/ themselves about the government at the mamak/kopitiam/the latest cafe in KL that's like, tooootally the shit..- but that's about all they do.

Isn't it easier just to leave the country for better career opportunities and lifestyles in Singapore/ Australia/ U.K./ U.S.A/ E.U./ Japan etc? Then you can watch and criticize in relative comfort. Like me. Like many other Malaysians who contributed to the brain drain.


BUT don't make the mistake of thinking that those people who stay behind in Malaysia are all noble fighters. Most stay because their family are there- whatever: filial love or $$$ spinning family connections. Some stay because of the relatively comfortable surroundings: you can get your Indonesian maid and your gardener (after all, these are the workers you gain in exchange for the drainage of workers) for the price of nothing compared to other countries. Some are scared that they can't make it outside their familiar little world.
Malaysians have always pursued money, no matter what race you are. It is inherent in human nature to equate happiness and money, as that is what modern life teaches you- and it isn't a condition that only affects those of us who leave.

Those who stay behind AND have the courage to fight: Yasmin Ahmad and Raja Petra Kamaruddin have continued to fight the good fight- and they stay for the RIGHT reasons. They deserve more support from anyone who has an inkling of the direction the country is heading in. As well as my parents, I know that there are plenty of people around who have enough money and power to lend support to a cause that they continue to whinge to each other about at dinner parties and in sarcasm-laced emails. BUT these people made their money because of the current government. They don't want to risk losing it all- they have children in expensive schools abroad whose school fees need to be paid........ I do concede that supporting your family and providing for their future is a noble task in itself....... So why are we still whinging?

In Malaysia as we know it today, cowards that are left behind far outnumber these fighters who stay behind, so look no further for reasons why Malaysia takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back each time.....


Bengbeng said...

those were the good old days. but i havent given up hope yet.

Implosion said...

Hi, bengbeng- thanks for the visit- I also live in hope, but realistically speaking, what results can hope alone achieve?

Bloggers like you and me spread the good word and fancy photoshop-ing, but at the end of the day, internet penetration is still low in Malaysia, how many can you reach? And how many of these people we reach can be bothered to vote?