Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Within four seas, we are brothers"

After reading a post about the Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's visit to a Chinese language school by the very astute and highly enlightened blogger Antares, I spotted a familiar phrase and wanted to share this:

Up to 2006, Sydney Chinatown gates had the very same quote by Han Yu San: "Within the four seas, we are brothers."- the English translation is above the Chinese letters.

Now, the gates proclaim "Understanding, Virtue and Trust."- again, note English translation above the chinese letters.

Chinese Malaysians would be so proud to live in a country with a leader who encourages pride (instead of shame) in your heritage- please remember that when the next election comes around in Malaysia.

Anyone who ticks the box next to "Cina" or "India"- consider the possibility that you might be able to live in a country under a government that values you, not your race.
I don't tick next to those boxes, but anyone with a fraction of chinese blood would scream out in pride. And I do.

I am so very proud to live in Australia at the moment under a leader (Kevin Rudd) who has apologized to the Aboriginals for crimes against their people nearly a century ago. A leader who speaks an asian language (Mandarin) as fluently as he speaks his own. His daughter Jessica married a Hong Kong-born Australian man and whose eldest son Nicholas attends a university in an Asian country (Fudan University, China).

Anyone of any race who is living overseas should consider going back for the next election to vote NO to UMNO. It's the least you can do for the country in which you were born.


Bengbeng said...

We are so used to it after 50 years but it is only recently we have realized that the country cannot exist cocooned from the rest of the world. the politics has to be transformed to compete with the changing trends in the world.

I am sympathetic to Elizabeth Wong. It is something which should never have happened

Implosion said...

Yes, it's been too long.
I don't know how people in Malaysia keep their heads down low and just accept things for fear that one day it will be them instead of Elizabeth Wong or RPK or Anwar?

If 100% of Malaysians went to vote, common sense says that there will be more of YOU than there are of THEM.

But the sad thing is that a lot of baby boomers and yuppies have stopped caring enough to vote. They just want to get on with their lives. Those who care enough are either fighting or they've left. Et tu, malaysian gen-X's and gen-y's?